Just By Love, Inc.


Janet B. Lange was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on January 6, 2012 after about 6 weeks of testing. The diagnosis was grim as the cancer had already metastasized to her CSF and she was given 2-3 months to live. Janet fought but cancer took her life on February 20, 2012.

A group of friends rallied around Sydni (Janet’s oldest daughter) to help her cope with the realization of what the coming year without her mother would be. These friends continued to support everything that Sydni did and listened to her stories, just as her own mother had done for her in those many years of Sydni’s life. In short, Sydni’s friends rallied together just by love.

Empowered by this group of supporters and friends, Sydni realized that she really wanted to do something more to bring awareness about breast cancer and to support not only research but all of those affected by the harsh reality that comes along with a breast cancer diagnosis.In the Spring of 2012, an organization Sydni had been involved in held a fundraiser which they playfully referred to as “Shooters For Hooters”. Unbeknownst to any of these women, this act of love and support birthed what would soon become Just By Love.

After the outpour of support and donations for the “Shooter For Hooters” fundraiser, Sydni and her core group of friends decided they had a calling to take things further. They wanted to make a difference and bring more people together for the cause. This is when Just By Love, Inc. was established.

Just By Love, Inc. not only supports research of breast cancer treatments and screening advancements but Just By Love also supports breast cancer patients as well as the families of the patients.


For all men and women to live a life free of breast cancer and the effects of breast cancer.


Just By Love, Inc. brings men and women together to help promote breast cancer awareness, support of patients and their families, raise money to fund research, and help survivors and caretakers cope with a life after breast cancer.